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Areas of Expertise

Counselling & Psychotherapy

I provide a kind, compassionate respectful and honest approach to counselling & psychotherapy, I believe that we all have the ability to heal and grow when given time and space and the right support and approach, with this in mind I am dedicated to listening to and supporting my clients & working flexibly to find ways to overcome any problems or challenges they may be facing in their life. 

Parents & Children

I know how hard it is can be to be a parent. Sometimes, family life can be tough. Having worked extensively with families & children & with a qualification in Children & Young People, I provide family counselling to support mum's and dad's as well as their children or teenager to support you and them through challenging times.


Working together we work on family, parent and child dynamics to  improve relationships through building trust, self esteem, self confidence,  assertiveness and self awareness. We find ways to manage & reduce anxiety and find positive ways to encourage children to develop and grow into emotionally resilient and capable  for being in the world.

Working Creatively & Intuitively

I work creatively, intuitively and therapeutically using different specialisms to help my clients access more unconscious parts of them self that may be causing them problems. Using Art, nature, Inner Child work, Reiki, Mindfulness and Story work I support clients to uncover deeper issues including trauma & help resolve these. 

Working individually with each client, we find the best combination of creative tools to support you.

My Approach

I work with you to explore any issues, concerns and worries that you may have, as well as life challenges, thoughts and feelings allowing you to unlock what is holding you back in leading a fulfilling life.  


Working both intuitively and practically I use a variety of tools to support you on your journey back to calm, clarity and wholeness.


With a basis in conventional counselling and psychotherapy I provide a professional approach supporting this with mindfulness techniques and creative therapies such as inner child work (exploring your child self), story work (exploring your story including beliefs past and present) and art therapy to work with both conscious and unconscious parts of yourself integrating these and bringing you into balance.

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My Approach
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